About Us

If you know me or if I know you, there is a chance we’ve crossed paths. Perhaps not in the physical world, but maybe in the World Wide Web world. You’ve probably seen my social media Tweets, Tumbles, Instagrams, and over various posts from time to time. From my clout, you’ve probably obtained some information. Maybe valuable to you, maybe not. I sincerely hope the former of those two.

The purpose of this blog is to expand upon that. I’ve always been apt to providing folks with information — whether they wanted it or not. I guess that probably started earlier in my life back when I was the only kid in my neigh … er, county, that watched the news. I even wrote about news events in my 5th grade notebook. Remember, Mrs. Harris?

So now we’re here, a few years after I graduated from Longwood University. I owe a lot to my alma mater, but I owe even more to those who can withstand having their news feeds filled with quotes from state senators on the General Assembly floor, links to breaking news about house fires, and the obligatory, and most infamous, screen shots of radar returns.

Here at The Morris Report, you’ll see it all — or almost. It’s a current events mecca; where news comes to play. It’s a place where NASCAR meets the latest snowstorm. A stopping ground where Obamacare meets your region’s most contested dog-lover story.  Ground zero for where the country’s chicken shortage comes face-to-face with election results.

I look forward to you reading what I and/or others have to say. Yes, I might pull in a guest from time to time. If you have any questions, comments, or criticism(s), please let me know by emailing themorrisreport@gmail.com.


I, Corey Morris, reside in northern Virginia with my wife, Nicole. I am employed by a physical security company in Arlington, Va.



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