Monday Notes: House closes door on student debt bill

The House Appropriation Committee’s higher education subcommittee tabled a set of bills looking to lower the burden of student debt in the commonwealth on Monday. The move came as the General Assembly prepares to look at bills related to education in Virginia, many of which were just filed Friday, the session’s deadline.

The issue with the debt bill, as Del. Jimmie Massie (R-Henrico) noted, was the state taking on a burden from a problem designed by bad loan appropriations from the federal government and its lenders.

Of Note:

HB 1842 (Barry Knight, R-Va. Beach) would allow the sale of controlled spirits in ABC stores from the current cap of 101 to 151. The provision would expire in 2022, effectively acting as an experiment to see if the alcohol would be sold at dangerous levels. Virginia does not allow the sale of grain liquors such as Everclear due to its historically dangerous nature in consumption. The bill was also a part of session last year, but failed in committee after alarming higher education officials.

Del. Richard Morris (R-Suffolk) has been indicted on two felony and two misdemeanor counts, according to court records. Morris was originally charged with seven felonies last September, but six were dropped due to a December hearing. A grand jury indicted Morris on the remaining count and three other charges of child cruelty stemming from alleged domestic and child abuse.



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