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Thursday Notes: Subcommittee kills ‘bathroom bill,’ outrages Marshall

Del. Bob Marshall (R-Prince Williams) was livid today after members of his own party killed his bill in committee. HB1612 aimed to prohibit persons identifying as transgender from using restrooms at government facilities — including public schools. The bill is similar to legislation passed and unsuccessful repealed in North Carolina.

Marshall has stated constituents have been fearful of student safety when transgender persons use a bathroom opposite of their born sex. A common point has been that boys will use a girl’s restroom for potentially indecent acts. Marshall has said separation of males and females “should not be considered discrimination.”

Numerous lawmakers, including those from the Republican party, noted concerns before this month’s session. They cited the economical travesties from the North Carolina decision.

The bill would also “[require] that the principal of a public school notify within 24 hours the parent or guardian of a child attending such school if the child requests to be recognized or treated as the opposite sex, to use a name or pronoun inconsistent with the child’s sex, or to use a restroom or other facility designated for the opposite sex.”

Thursday’s subcommittee hearing featured the GOP-led group voting on the bill with an unrecorded voice vote. Marshall said members were “disgusting” in their acts of muting their votes which would not be recorded as public record.

Marshall is known as one of the more outspoken conservative members of the House of Delegates, typically breaking bond with his moderate counterparts. He has legislation aimed at abortion this session and another gender-based bill. During his State of the Commonwealth address, Gov. McAuliffe vowed to veto any legislation of the type.


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