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Tuesday Notes: Hunters visit Capitol in protest of Howell’s bill

House Speaker William Howell (R-Stafford) has sponsored a bill in the chamber that’s ruffling a few feathers in the commonwealth. In fact, some of those folks — camo laden hunters — arrived at the Capitol Tuesday with their tracking dogs.

Howell’s HB1900 looks to impose a $100 charge for each hunting dog accused of trespassing on a property owner’s land. Howell says the bill is meant to protect the rights of property owners, not punish Virginians who hunt. Hunters are a plenty in rural Stafford County. Under the legislation, localities can pass their own ordinances regarding the penalty if they so elect.

The legislation is now in committee.

We picked up on a story from a week ago involving transparency. Currently, the Virginia General Assembly doesn’t live stream committee hearings. Progress Virginia, a nonprofit group dedicated to government openness, is changing that. Their website will provide live feeds and archived videos of committee meetings in Richmond.




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