Perriello Shakes up Governor’s Race

Last night I learned of news that Tom Perriello would run for governor of Virginia in 2017. The New York Times reported the story.

This was a relative shock to many democrats in the state, thinking Lt. Governor Ralph Northam would lead the ticket sans challenge. Virginia’s race typically sets the tone for what a pivotal electoral state thinks of the new administration, usually favoring the party in charge.


Perriello served one term in the 5th Congressional District of Central Virginia. He balanced his wave of progressive politics with much of the conservative voices prominent in the vastly rural section of the Commonwealth. It’s an area that went largely to Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

I met Tom, had great conversations to him, offered him my support for his reelection in 2010 (he lost to Robert Hurt). He came to Longwood that year, discussing many issues related to veterans. You can read the piece here from The Rotunda archives.

We’ll have more on Perriello and the new session of the Virginia General Assembly in the coming days.


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