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Monday Mess: Throw a flag on Kaepernick

I was amazed at the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers starting quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s actions last week when he decided not to stand for our national anthem at a football game. His sit-in was supposed to be a message — bringing light to the schism between African-American communities and law enforcement.

Instead he’s a total communist, right?

Not exactly. But, while I respect Kaepernick’s opinion and him brining an issue that is grainy to the forefront (thanks, NFL stage), the way he did it was a little wrong. Okay, it was a lotta wrong.

Kaepernick needs to remember one thing — he is an employee of the sport and his actions should have consequences. Do you think an organization as American as football will stand for this behavior if he decides to — as he pledged — sit out every anthem at every game this season? I would hope not, especially given the NFL’s commitment to veterans and active duty members. Hello?

Kaepernick gets paid some extraordinary amount of money to throw a football around. Extraordinary. He has countless endorsements. He has service members ask for his autograph. But he doesn’t have the decency to stand up and pay tribute to the men and women who have sacrified all? Perhaps he’s not entirely sure what the flag represents. It’s not a symbol for black people. It’s not a symbol for police. It’s a symbol for all of the United States.

Colin, give us a break and pay some respect. If you don’t, maybe you should keep that seat on the bench. That’s where you’ll belong.



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