Sarah Silverman Can’t Tell You What to Do

Sarah Silverman said Wednesday night that those on the Bernie-or-Bust train were “being ridiculous.” She was a speaker, along with former funnyman Sen. Al Franken (D-Minnesota), at the Democratic National Convention, on opening night. I find Silverman’s off-the-cuff remark a bit interesting. I’m sure she was brought to voice her thoughts based on the ruckus that was raised when Sanders supports yelled or booed just about every time Hillary Clinton’s name was echoed. Still, Silverman, a former Sanders supporter herself, shouldn’t tell you, the Sanders disciple, what to do.

In a way, Silverman’s reaction was not only relatively rude and off color, it goes against this political discourse the Feel the Bern movement has hardheartedly gained over the past months. Their whole idea is to challenge the stagnant political process and move toward a progressive mindset. Merely conforming to party lines and backing the nominated (technically she wasn’t the nominee at this point) candidate does nothing and it surely goes against some sort of written Sanderisian (like that?) code. Silverman was even wise enough to backtrack what she said by later implying the Sanders movement will continue in the future via a backing of Clinton. I still can’t follow that one. Maybe there’s an email we can cite later.

Sanders supporters should be able to stand for Sanders and they shouldn’t be roped into supporting Clinton just because she has a (D) after her name. It’s like the Tea Party faction in the Republicans. Those folks aren’t backing Trump because he’s the nominee. They’re still on the defensive. Why? They can be, that’s why.

Silverman’s remarks may bring to light a bigger issue. Democrats are afraid Trump may get into the White House (hey, it’s still 100 some days to go until Election Day) and they have to bring as many Sanders supporters to their side. And not supporting Clinton as a Democrat would be ridiculous, right? I don’t think so. I suppose not everyone is of the mantra you choose to back a candidate and not a party. Not everyone can be happy, ya’ll. Just like a true sports fan would love following a player they admire no matter the team. Still, you don’t have to root for the team every time.

So, Sarah, let’s take it easy. Let Sanders backers do what they want. If they don’t want to support Clinton right now, they’ll come around. Just don’t tell them what to do.


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