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Well, Governor


It was a shock to me — and evidently to him as well — to hear Virginia Governor Terrence “Terry” McAuliffe (D) is under investigation by the Department of Justice. And then I remembered we’re talking about a political elite in the Southeast and the Democratic party.

And I wasn’t shocked any more.

While this news is as fresh as an apple in September, it’s disheartening to think the governor’s office in our Commonwealth will be shamed by another botched business transaction. While McAuliffe denied any wrongdoings he’s aware of this morning on WTOP-FM’s monthly “Ask the Governor” sit down session, the damage is already done in my opinion.

Our governor is a political heavyweight. He’s longtime friends with the Clinton camp and has had and still resumes a heavy footing in the DNC. The mummer of a potential scandal will only damage any traveling endorsement from a McAuliffe backing. And forget a moonshot vice presidential bid as some have rumored.

But the McAuliffe item brings us to another point. Contributions and politics. We could write a book on the rights and wrongs of the system, but at the end of the day we’re at a point in which so many investigations become leaked we become overly critical with anything and everything. What politician hasn’t taken a few dollars that may be considered questionable? Under the template of the former and current governors, if their wrongdoings constitute legal action, perhaps we need to wrangle up a few others (i.e. Chicago).

We’ve desensitized ourselves toward a level of political entertainment and when something serious happens, we jump to conclusions. Let’s wait and see what happens before we smear our executive history, Virginia. Otherwise scandals will be repulsive toward businesses. That means no more billion dollar soybean orders, right?


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