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Scanning your taste buds

Full disclosure here. When I was in high school, one our semester-end projects for Physics 101 was to design a life-changing product related to the healthcare field. My team focused on diabetes and how it can disorganize an otherwise intrusive lifestyle.

I liked the class, except I couldn’t understand why I had to pay $100 for a textbook we barely used. Of course, now I’m in grad school and I can empathize with and long for a $100 bill after three free credit hours. Those credit hours turned out to save nearly a grand.

One of our products was a boot that would allow for constant circulation triggers so the flow of blood resists the want to clot. I’m pretty sure those things exist — well, socks at least.

The second was a food scanner that would tell you how much glucose a plate full of something really has. Not how much we think is in there. Obviously, we’d distinguish good sugars from the bad. Seems like that’s been invented as well.

And it goes way beyond sugar.

In our health-conscious world, we want to know what’s on our table and what’s really in that box. Maybe this little tool will allow the future of food to be told before we buy that just to try that.

No worries, SCiCo — I won’t be suing anytime soon.


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