Commonwealth Prepares for ‘Historic’ Storm

It’s a storm that’s being called historic and it has barely formed in the nation’s midsection.

Forecasts call for anywhere between 10-24+ inches of snow across the state, with the majority of snow falling in Northern Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley. Precipitation begins Friday and could last through Sunday morning.

More exact forecasts are expected tomorrow afternoon. Slight shifts in the storm’s –gaining moisture from the Gulf of Mexico before landing somewhere off the coast of the mid-Atlantic — could drastically change snow totals.

Expect a state of emergency to be issued tomorrow from the state capitol in order to ready resources such as the National Guard. The state was criticized in 2009-2010 when resources were not properly dispersed in South-central Virginia which received two feet of snow. Later that same winter, a system stalled over Northern Virginia dumping over 30 inches of snow at Dulles Airport.

On Wednesday night, ahead of the major snowstorm this weekend, travel was snarled around D.C. as snow showers pilled up on area roads at the peak of rush hour. Only an inch — if that — of powder fell, but roadways had not been treated.

Many drivers on Interstate 66 in Arlington abandoned their cars and took Metro trains home.

We will provide weather updates as necessary throughout the week and weekend when appropriate.


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