Voting extension bills nixed by lawmakers

Continuous Virginia General Assembly Coverage

The General Assembly has effectively killed nearly a half dozen bills aimed to expand voting rights for Virginians. A House subcommittee annihilated the Democrat-led bills in under an hour.

Del. Rip Sullivan (D-Arlington) was one of the victims. HB68 proposed early voting up to 21 days prior to an election. Other states have passed similar laws in an effort to shorten lines on Election Day, a problem that has crippled some Virginia elections – including the last gubernatorial election that caused some lines to empty ah hour after polls closed.

HB31, sponsored by Del. Kathleen Murphy (D-Fairfax) proposed similar legislation, while Del. Kaye Kory (D-Fairfax)’s HB56 would allow those over 70 years of age to vote by absentee automatically without any reasoning as now required. The subcommittee cited monetary constraints in the state’s budget as the premiere defeat.

HB292 allowed for pre-registration at state DMV offices for 16-year-olds. Those first time drivers would be in the system when they become eligible to vote at age 18.


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