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Are Refugees Cool? (Asking for a Friend)

There’s a certain faction in this country that recently have pushed hard to ban all Syrian-area refugees from entering this country’s boarders. The decisions come from the most recent Paris attacks, allegedly orchestrated by some who faked refugee status to enter Westernized nations.

Their mission was not one of pilgrimage, but instead of terror. They came ready to wash their hands with blood of those we see as innocent, but those they see as anti-Islam.

Last week, Roanoke, Va. made headlines after half-wit Mayor David Bowers said the city would no longer accept refugees to the quaint valley, located along the charitable Blue Ridge belt.

Bowers, in his statement midday last Wednesday, said relocation efforts by government and non-government groups should halt “until these serious hostilities and atrocities end.” Bowers cited the Paris attacks along with the Russian airline bombing on Halloween.

He assured Roanokers they would remain safe under his call (of course he is ignoring the city’s heroin problem and homicides for right now).

While I agree that any refugee would need to be vetted in regard to local security after the most recent attacks — and proof that more are trying to sneak the system — something is wrong here. Mr. Bowers committed a grave sin in his reasoning. He compared the refugees to the Japanese-American internment camps during WWII, which took place after the Pearl Harbor attacks.

In a roundabout way, Bowers

Bowers is a Democrat who is not seeking a fifth term as mayor of the city, as announced last week and validated by his outrageous remarks. He even called to leader of the state caucus, Gov. Terry McAuliffe, to refuse resettlement efforts. McAuliffe, as recent as today, reminded refugee-blockers it’s a federal issue, not the Commonwealth’s.

And to Bowers extent, there is even more. Many are making this an issue of religion. We shouldn’t allow Islamic refugees in the country, but Christain refuges are OK. So what’s the litmus test for that, sir?

It’s clear we have to do something. We can’t keep the welcome mat outside for just anyone, pending the most collected dialogue and State Department travel alerts. However, we cannot limit everyone. So what’s the overall compromise? Do we place a temporary ban on any refugees? But’s that’s not very Christain of us, now is it?

Refugees are not terrorists. Terrorists are not refugees, either. These people just want a new life. We have to figure a way to help — be in opening our doors or following Teddy Roosevelt’s ideologies. We can’t turn a blind eye, but we cannot jeopardize ourselves.

I have some bad news for you. We’re winning an unwinnable war against terrorism. We’ve already changed our lives since Sept. 11. The terrorists have initiated a culture of terror in our lives.

Effectively, they’ve already won.




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