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Pope Francis’s arrival to the U.S. brought about an unprecedented stint of excitement to what would typically be a rather depressing week.The end of summer.The end of an uneventful economic third-quarter. The impending government shutdown.

But the spiritual leader of over a billion citizens of Earth is in states to spread his most-esteemed message:


Well, perhaps that’s not his message, but it most certainly is what’s being talked about behind closed-door meetings in three of this country’s most vulnerable and populated metropolitan areas.

Numerous rolling street closers were in effect for the Washington D.C. area Wednesday as the Pope traveled around the city in a schedule few would envy.

The travelings of the Pope, and impressive detail of security visible upon his touchdown at Andrew’s Air Force Base Tuesday afternoon, prove this isn’t a mundane security prescene. Some have even called the preperations the largest security turnout in America’s history.

Maybe that’s for good cause.

After all, the Pope is the religious leader for a crowd three times larger than the U.S. population. The dignataries, heads of state (among them, the first and second families), and numerous VIPs far too long to mention here, require a certain level of protection. That’s ultimately the world we live in today.

The undisclosed amount of how much this security is costing us — both from a true security point of view and from an economic loss point of view, is rather unsettling for some.

For instance, freight carries, like UPS, have had to change delivery schedules due to the pontif’s visit along the eastern corridor.

The majority of the bill is slated for payment by the Meeting of Families, however as with the events we live with every day — such as the obnoxious motorcade details — the America taxpayer will foot the rest of the bill.

We’ll probably never know the exact cost of the visit, however it can be assumed it truly is bigger than any security detail we’ve had in this country.

You decide: Is it fair to categorize a visit like the Pope’s a high-priority secrete service mission that requires taxpayer funding?


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