We’re Back!

Hi Folks!

Thanks for checking into The Morris Report. I’m excited to announce after nearly a year-long hiatus from writing, I’m back. More importantly, I have an exciting proposition for you, if you’re reading this (we’ll get there in a minute).

I know, you’re probably thinking “yeah right” or “you’re crying wolf again” or “stop flooding my timeline with useless jargon,” but it’s true and I’m really excited about the potential we have moving forward. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m committing to excellence full-time and we’re not going to experience running off the rails again like I’ve done with the past two pet projects.

If you’re unfamiliar, I’ll give you a tiny history lesson. About five years ago, I debuted the LU Report. Basically, this was an “under the radar” newswire for my alma mater. My main competition, who I won’t name in this report, fell victim to graduation and ultimately realized he was wasting his time. It’s true — we chose not to break stories out of good taste.

After that, I focused on political blogging with Politrickle, a daily Virginia General Assembly run down. We provided extensive coverage of student lobbying efforts and legislation that mattered to the twenty-somethings of the commonwealth.

The Morris Report was then born a few years after my escape into the real world as a political-news base for many folks. I appreciated the good graces I received in such a short period of time. Unfortunately, due to other obligations, I was unable to adhere to my pre-set guidelines. I’d like to publicly ensure you that will happen no mas.


With all new beginnings, there come some changes.

  • We’re sticking with WordPress. It’s a great platform and I’ve been more than happy using it. We’re going to continuously maintain and update things, which is very exciting. We are, however, changing the structure and functionality of the site. Our new page goes live Sept. 18.
  • We’re expanding our social media. Social media is crucial in the news and political market. Expect more tweets (@ReportMorris) and Facebook statuses on a continuous basis.
  • We’re looking for a team of writers. I’m actively soliciting writers for bi-weekly posts, monthly posts, and much more. If you’re interested, just email, tweet, or message me.

The team of writers is our most exciting piece. That ultimately changes the structure of the blog a bit. We’re going to have bi-weekly posts (at a minimum) and some extra investigative pieces. Largely, I’m going to need your help on this. That’s right; I’m soliciting business.

I’m looking for you, your story, and your idea. It doesn’t have to be critical and it doesn’t have to be newsworthy. It’s important to get to reading not only about the topics that matter to us, but about how our lives matter.

So here are some shameless plugs:

It can be light-hearted. Maybe Charles PapaBear Lawson wants to write a drunk history of history. I’m sure we’d love to all read about Travis Lyles’ close-encounter with the third kind (Joe Biden) at The Late Show. I heard William Bishop isn’t too thrilled with the season the Braves are having, but you might not know that.

It can be exciting: Did you know Tara Scruggs unpacked her first office today? I wonder what that’s like. Moriah Elmore is about to have a baby, and wouldn’t #HaydenLevi love to see mom’s post on The Morris Report in a few years? Or maybe you’re just looking to land your first house — Matt Hovey and Tucker Dowdy have some great tips. Even those with a charitable heart can learn from Christa Brown and the United Way.

Or maybe you’re looking for useless information. Gabby Pedro knows what William Shatner’s favorite ice cream flavor is (Sorry, you’re on the spot!). Melissa Wright could probably tell you a hundred uses for Mane ‘n Tail. And I’m sure Lynne DeCora can tell us in a few hundred words why I have an octopus on my shirt.

If you’ve ever wanted to write and get paid only through the glory of knowing your words are reaching a small number of daily visitors, The Morris Report is the place.

So come join us! And look out for our first post of the new season Sept. 21.

Thanks for reading.


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