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Curbing the Unnecessary

Hot days and kids go together – ice cream parties and swimming pools. But what is becoming even more prevalent are children being left in cars on hot days. And the end result is often one of tragedy.

While you’re not going to find what might drive someone to do this – perhaps it truly is just forgetting – you can be assured the stupidity of so many people is all too evident. In fact, folks like Justin Ross Harris, accused of leaving his toddler in a car while he was at work in suburban Atlanta, Georgia last week, show the efforts folks go to in order to disguise their intentions.

In 2013, 44 children died in hot cars. This year, that total is about on par with 16 deaths reported across the country. says an average of 38 children die from heatstroke in cars each year.

We must help curve away from the subset of our society who think car temperatures are not harmful. In fact, even on a mild day (60 degrees), a dark-color car can reach temperatures of 100 degrees. Imagine what that is like on a humid 98-degree day.

What’s to prevent these tragedies from happening? Some have resorted to the advice of a shoe trick – leaving one shoe in the backset next to your child. How about placing your cell phone back there?
Last week, a law went into effect in Tennessee giving a bystander the right of law to smash a vehicle window or enter a parked car without a fear of repercussion as long as there is a firm belief the actions will help save a child’s life.

The importance of looking before leaving your vehicle cannot be expressed more. It can save a child’s life.


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