Breaking: Cantor Falls in Primary

U.S. House of Representative Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) was pummeled in Tuesday’s primary for his 7th district seat. The infamous conservative from Richmond, Va. lost by around 10 percent or 8,000 votes to a tea party challenger, marking the tea party’s second, and first major, victory of the primary season.

David Brat, a professor of economics at Randolph-Macon College near Richmond, Va. and strong tea partier, defeated the long-running incumbent by what is considered a landslide when compared to the other establishment-tea party races so far this primary harvest.





In large, tonight’s victory for Brat was more of a defeat of Cantor and Cantor’s politics. Much of Brat’s votes came from strong opponents of Cantor who wanted to see him out of office. Cantor’s Richmond-area district is full of those against the incumbency machine and the voters proved that tonight, ousting him from the top seat in the House.

Cantor has held his seat since 2001 and has been a shining star in both state and federal politics. The 51-year-old has served as the Majority Leader for the 112th and 113th Congresses. He was considered the next Speaker of the House after John Boehner’s retirement.

Brat will face Democratic Party nominee Jack Trammell, who happens to be a professor at Randolph-Macon in the general election this fall.


This is a continuously updated story.


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