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Trashcan Gate

If you needed another reason to wonder what in the heck goes on in our nation’s capital some days, here’s one.

In the midst of his own re-election campaign, Washington, D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray took it upon himself to rid the city of waste. And if you’ve ever been in the District, you know there is enough waste for everyone.

His plan was to pay just over $9 million to import some 200,000 new waste and recycle cans to the capital’s residents. A brazen move to showcase his commitment to a cleaner D.C. These cans would replace the old nasty cans that I guess were deemed out of commission. However, there was no structured plan in place to dispose of the old cans.

A resident – one meandering Dupont artist – took actions into her own hands. While the cans littered the street, causing nothing short of an eyesore, she felt compelled to create art. The cans were turned into flowerpots thanks to a bit of criminal creativity.

The District was so gracious, they arrested her and a friend, charging them with theft – of trash, which is surprisingly a valid crime. The resident, 30-year-old Mina Karini said she figured the cans were OK to take as they had little “Take Me!” notes affixed to the lids.

Noticing a problem with the cans that riddled the streets of DC’s four quadrants, the city collected the bins for disposal into a Fort Totten landfill facility. The bins were supposed to be recycled, only they were not. Dumped in the dump and there is photographic proof.

This saga is really unbelievable. Some residents have even noted their good cans were taken when they were filled with trash. Now they have no trashcans.

The city said the old cans were disposed of because they were causing congestion on city streets.

Read the entire debacle here.


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