Anchovies Latest Mass Die-Off in California

Officials in Marina del Rey, Calif. have been trying to figure why thousands of dead anchovies floated to the surface of the harbor this past weekend. More than 7,000 pounds of fish were taken away from the area from over 150 garage bags.

Some experts believe a combination of lower oxygen levels and algae bloom contributed to the mass die-off this past weekend. The hot California weather and drought of late may have also played a role.

In 2013, widespread reports of mysterious die-offs of other aquatic creatures, such as the starfish, were reportedly linked to low-level radiation making its way to the West Coast from the 2011 radiation leak in Fukushima, Japan. However, there was never a confirmation of that occurring even though the animals found did exhibit signs of contamination.

While this pool of floating fish is likely caused by other environmental factors, experts have suggested contamination from Fukushima has contributed to other incidents of mass die-offs along the West Coast.


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