Tough Luck

If you’re planning on running the “Tough Mudder” anytime soon, you might want to read this.

The Center for Disesase Control (CDC) issued a notice last week, urging participants in obstabcles courses that involve sloshing through mud use caution. The CDC cited animal waste in the muddy waters, deposited from along the course raceway, could provide a nesting gorund for nasty bacteria. And diarrhea. And it’s been confirmed already.

Many folks in Nevada reported becoming ill after a race in back in 2012. A CDC investigation noted campylobacter coli as the culprit. Cattle along the race track contaminated the stagnate waters with the bacteria.

CDC officials recommend proper education for runners about the dangers of gastrointestinal issues from the mud at such races. Tough Mudder has yet to put a notice on their website regarding the recent news. The race involves running through an electric fence as well.


Have you run an obstabcle course where running through the mud has been commonplace? Did you wonder what was in the water?


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