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Primaries on the Right

Republicans will begin a feat not seen in over two years this week. They have to take back their own party.

Or do they?

Tomorrow, beginning with North Carolina, GOP primaries commence in the month-long, and largely publicized, May races for the party’s nomination for Congressional Senate seats. This year, the Republicans will try and take back their own party by taming their wild cousins in the Tea Party.

While the general election is still half a year away, Tuesday begins the most important naming of the candidates to fill those seats and win back the Senate, the premiere goal of the right.

Perhaps the most closely watched primaries are those in which Republican incumbents, largely uncontested in the past, are facing what seems to be harsh opposition. That includes Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s Kentucky seat. While the Tea Party, a breakaway traditional conservative movement from the common-ground Republican base, is putting up a fight, it’s doubtful any of the challengers will defeat the incumbents. Why? Incumbents rarely lose and the Tea Party isn’t that unique in their beliefs.

The teapot of the Tea Party is running out of steam. In a sense, their hay day has come and gone. The Christine O’Donnell’s have left us. However, the Marco Rubio’s and Ted Cruz’s are still growing and growing and yelling and drinking water. For what? To any avail? It seems not.



Tea Party protestors


Common-ground Republicans have mostly adopted and supported the views of the Tea Party, vice-a-versa. The only case for many of the Tea Party candidates is their view is more extreme. Extremities do not equal differences. The GOP is more central and unified than ever before.

What’s likely not a problem is opposition from the Tea Party. I wouldn’t hold my breath expecting a landslide of Tea Party nominations for Congress this month, in July, or in the late primaries days before fall. Tea Party members are proving their point and reforming tactics, but their grand separation from the GOP establishment is yet to be seen. To win they have to prove a stark difference. And that hasn’t happened.


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