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McDonnell: The Guest Speaker

Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell has returned to the spotlight. This time it’s not because of his corruption scandal, but instead because he is a special guest lecturer at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va.

McDonnell is reportedly serving as a lecturer or in classes at the university’s Helms School of Government. It’s not clear how much money the gig comes with, but considering he’s only in the teaching staff as a visiting professor, it is likely not much.

If you recall, McDonnell was considered to be a frontrunner in the Republican nomination for the White House in 2016. However, due to the federal criminal charges both he and wife Maureen face, the reality McDonnell may become unemployable is growing more and more each day (Unless you call a political pundit on a talk show employable).

Never has a governor as successful, adored, and quick-to-rise as McDonnell been transplanted into an institution of higher education so promptly after his tenure. Yes, he was an advocate for higher learning in the Commonwealth and made strides toward more degree programs and more mulah at colleges and universities, but I doubt seriously McDonnell longed for this position right now.

Sure, Liberty gets an uptick with McDonnell, a hard-fast, religious conservative. And the students without a doubt can learn much from a man with military, law, and public servant experience. However, McDonnell’s further now seems bleak.




McDonnell, in 2013, at C-PAC in Maryland. 


This could be another nail in his coffin. To those outside of the right, Liberty has the negative political connotations one might find distasteful at the polls. However, the man has upset some of the religious right as well with his appointment of an openly gay judge and reversing his hard stance on abortion issues.

Perhaps McDonnell can learn a political lesson from the students in the auditorium. Maybe that lesson can catapult him somewhere near the 2016 field. But it’s a long shot.


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