Bees Knee’s

Today I read Huff Post’s 11 Vintage Slang Terms That Need To Make A Comeback.

I was amazed that “The Bee’s Knees” was on the list. I say this all of the time. I didn’t know this term was outdated.

If you’re one of the poor souls unfamiliar with whatever the heck “The Bee’s Knees” even means, well I’m going to tell you.

It’s like saying “You’re the best” or “You da best” for our under-2o readers. I’m sure we owe this to the Flappers, as the Post reports. According to Oxford Dictionaries, the modern conniption dates to the 1920s. Simply put, it means something of grand allure.

Ex: Cindy, the way you handled that situation was just great. Gee, you’re the bee’s knees.



So I’m going to go ahead and vote that we should use this phrase, along with many of the other outdated slang terms, on a daily basis. The words we use today are too complicated. I mean, what does “trifling” really mean? It’s hard to talk in these rhythmic verses when they congeal our minds.

My challenge to you tomorrow is to find something worth stamping with the bee’s knees approval and shout it from the rooftop. Tell your boss. Tell a stranger. Tell whoever. Enlighten them on a phrase from our not-so-distant past that we can still have fun with today.


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