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Ronald McDonald has gotten a makeover. For the first time in nearly a decade, McDonald’s Corp has given the always-happy clown turned burger salesman a gleam of hope for his social media debut. The change comes in the form of new clothes.

Instead of the boring yellow jumpsuit, Mr. McDonald is now wearing a vest with pockets along with yellow cargo pants. He’s now a hipster I guess.

The revamping of Mr. McDonald’s look is an effort to get the fast-food giant back on the wagon for millions of Americans, a market where the company has ticked down in recent memory thanks to a push toward more healthier food options for children. Also, McDonald’s and friends have felt pressure form Taco Bell’s latest move to serve breakfast. 



One of the new looks for Ronald McDonald

While the classic clown has yet to surface on Twitter, a CBS MarketWatch report pins the desired Twitter handle as #RonaldMcDonald. We’re not sure if that will happen but one thing is for certain.

Mr. McDonald is still a clown and is therefore still creepy. A new wardrobe cannot change that.




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