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Pine Solved

New York Yankees pitcher Michael Pineda was ejected during last night’s game after he had a “foreign substance” on his neck.

The substance was determined to be pine resin. It was discovered during the second inning. Because of the infraction, Pineda has been suspended for ten games.

Earlier this month, reports surfaced and speculation grew during an April 10 game where many said Pineda had an odd substance on his neck. He claimed it was dirt at the time.

Major Leauge Baseball rules currently prohibit pine tar from being applied to the hands of a pitcher to improve ball grip. However, most look the other way and most pitchers do not make clear use of such substances. Throughout history many pitchers have said to have used different substances from time to time to help them control the baseball, especially during cold weather such as last night’s game.

I think this puts the MLB in a position as to rather or not make a full stance on the issue. Should pine tar or other ball-controlling substances be used openly during games? Should the MLB loosen current restrictions on such use?


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