Earth Day From a Not-so-Naturalist

In 1970, people seemed to love the earth. Well, at least on April 22, 1970, people really seemed to love the earth. See, this was the world’s first Earth Day, the celebration of our planet and its sheer vastness.

The only prodigiously saddening thing today – more than forty years later – is people have seemed to become less concerned and more complacent about celebrating the third rock from the sun.

Before I start, I’ll let you know I’m not a devil-may-cry naturalist. I don’t read Mother Earth News. I like to eat red meat. I enjoy burning firewood. I find a summer evening drive down a back road something that brings me a little closer to Jesus.

So please, don’t give me no lip.

It’s true that I do not buy into the whole “green-movement.” I think Energy Star appliances are a gimmick tax credit and a marketing technique. I don’t think the light bulbs I buy nowadays are any better for the environment, but I buy them anyway. I don’t really believe the hype about global warming. All the same, I can still care for my planet.

And you wouldn’t imagine the things I do.

I don’t throw my trash out the window of my car. I don’t dump sewage into the creek. I don’t spray my can of Febreze outdoors. I don’t let my car idle for an hour while I’m buying a 24-pack of Evian at the Costco.

Horrible, right? No.




Home Sweet Home


It doesn’t take a genius, or a naturalist, to pay some mind about the way you act toward God’s green earth. It’s not so much about being a Hippie; it’s more about treating the world as your playground and not as your trashcan. It’s about being responsible and caring.

Even though I might fish, I would get sad if I saw a fish floating on the water with a ring of plastic tied around his neck.

You can care for the earth without changing too much of your life. Take little steps. Recycle every now and then. Turn off a light when you don’t go into that room for a few days. Brush your teeth with a little less water.

It’s easy and you’ll probably save money when you do it. Maybe now I have your attention.

Sadly, Earth Day has turned into a cumbersome event-planning pinnacle for corporations who want to at least pretend to be environmental friendly. They hand out stickers to the kiddos and then go dump chemicals into the river that provides drinking water to those same kiddos. But to the man, the sticker makes up for it.

Those who organized the first Earth Day were full of commitment. We might laugh at them and think their ideas were lofty. However, they planned and did more than we’re doing today I think. They were serious about their movement and just wanted people to get on board. They didn’t want a penny; they just wanted people to change. It would be nice to see that same commitment today. Maybe then I could have faith my grandchildren could grow up in a world where the water is bit clearer and the mountainside a little less filthy.


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