A Southern Thing

Georgia Sen. Jason Carter, a democratic candidate for the state’s gubernatorial seat and grandson of Former President Jimmy Carter, has said he will not forbid the state’s allowance of license plates bearing the Confederate flag.

Carter said this past weekend people should be free to flaunt the licenses plate, which helps supports the Sons of Confederate Veterans in Georgia through $10 of each $80 plate’s fee. The money helps promote Southern heritage via education and goes toward preservation efforts across the Peach State.

The Confederate emblem has been offered on the Georgia plate for more than 10 years, but a recent change in the design has refueled the debate of civil rights activists. The redesign features a larger flag in the background of the plate with a small flag on the left foreground.



Would you have this on your license plate if you lived in Georgia?


Those against the plate believe its message is insensitive and fuels thoughts of racism. Plate supporters say they should have the right to display the flag since it supports their heritage.

Carter mentioned the position should be one of national politics and not left to Georgian discussion.

Georgia is no stranger to flag debate. In 2001, they made a landmark decision to remove the Confederate flag from the state flag over racial concerns. Old Dixie had been a staple since 1956.


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