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Colbert to the Rescue

Next year, when David Letterman steps down from his desk at the Late Show, this country’s biggest patriot will takeover. Stephen Colbert, host of The Colbert Report, will be at the helm of CBS’s pinnacle late night program. The format will be very different; instead of cracking jokes about the right and left of the political spectrum, Colbert will most likely be monolouging, segmenting, and interviewing full time.

I’ve been a fan of Colbert for many years. In fact, I was a Colbert fan before he became known simply for his last name. Before he was a regular correspondent on Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show, Colbert was a writer for The Dana Carvey Show. He also made cameos on the show during it’s short-lived existence in 1996.



America’s patriot, Stephen Colbert


He gave probably his most hilarious performance in Strangers with Candy, a very underrated sitcom from our friends over at Comedy Central. He even wrote a a few seasons for Saturday Night Live for the Ambiguously Gay Duo Funhouse TV sketch. And now more than 550 episodes later, we find Colbert on his very own show.

I’m not yet sure how I feel about Colbert’s new role come next year. In all honesty, I can’t see him in this position. He’s much more of a at-the-desk kind of guy. I just hope the new form of late night won’t ruin a character I have grown to love. It’s going to be hard for him to keep his hard blow feel of a political pinhead. I mean, what will we do without all the Papa Bear O’Riley jokes? What about the “Threat Down?”

I hope all of this will stick around. I hope Colbert doesn’t change too much. I hope he doesn’t fall into CBS’s trap of political censorship that has fell into the lap of the dry-witted Letterman.

Colbert makes us laugh. I hope that continues even at his new desk.


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