Three Times a Charm

When Calvin and Zatera Spencer of Portsmouth, Va. looked at a purchased lottery ticket March 12, they probably were not expecting to win. Like most of us, they played the lottery just for fun, waiting for the day they’d at the least win their money back they’ve put into the lottery system. When the drawing was announced, the couple found out they had hit it big time.

The March 12 top prize was $1 million, from the widely-popular Powerball drawing. Powerball is played in 43 states, not including Washington D.C. and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The odds of winning are more than 1 in 5 million. Getting struck by lightning? About 1 in 3 million. In fact, you have a better chance at getting bit by a shark than you do of winning a lottery like Powerball.

But the Spencers were able to do it not just once, not even twice, but three times in the same month. In fact, they defined what many lottery officials never could have thought would come true.



The Spencers with one of their three checks from the Virginia Lottery (credit: Virginia Lottery)

The couple won an additional $50,000 off 10 Pick Four tickets on March 26. The next day, they brought home another $1 million on Virginia’s $100 Million Cash Extravaganza. 

It’s amazing to look at a story like this. The lottery, as it’s program implies, is a gamble. There is no real formula to winning. Not much more than luck is involved. But so many success stories in becoming insta-millionaires, have ended in divorce, a streak of bad luck, or ultimate tragedy.

It looks like the Spencers have things together. After all, they are a little lucky.



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