Welcome to The Morris Report

We’re about to play a game. You’re going to read this Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities Act of 2014 (first link on page) and then answer the questions below:

1. What is this? 

2. Why does it matter? 

3. How many times does the word “export” appear in the text?


Now, an hour later when you’re finished, please answer these three questions:

1. Why did I have to read all of this to understand it?

2. What does trade have to do with me?

3. Will I get that hour back?


You’ve probably already noticed the first set of questions is going to take much longer to find an answer to than the last set. So, folks, what you’re going to find on this platform is news, weather, and politics in a much more simplified format. Laymans terms. Dumbing it down, if you will. I also hope you find it not so dry, as if one were watching BBC News at 2 a.m. (sorry, BBC News at 2 a.m.). Fact of the matter is, sometimes you need someone to do the analytical dirty work for you. Don’t you just want to know what is going on without having to read a book? I mean, the work involved with that. Madness! A book!

Nobody really needs to read the entire Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities Act of 2014Some might argue those bipartisan members of Congress are not even reading it. Maybe they have a secret Cliff Notes version. Let’s not read the entirety of these issues. Let’s not compile documents on a certain issue, a talking point, a current event. Instead, let’s put A and B together to make C, with C being what you really care about.

Our world of media has become too over saturated. Since when did Justin Beiber being arrested become more important than a senator discussing the expansion of Medicare? We’ve become accustomed to information being handed to us because we don’t like to search for it. We don’t like to read what’s in the news. We like for someone to break down that information for us in a very easy to understand medium.

That’s my goal. You have questions about what you see on the news, about what your friends are posting on Facebook, about the guy or girl running to be your state senator (Did you just ask yourself who your state senator is? Do you know you have a state senator?). Let this blog allow those questions — and so many more — to be answered in a way which you actually care. I’m going to provide something that’s not too analytical, but something that is enough to give you ammunition when you’re talking around the water cooler tomorrow. Cool?

I want to make reading this blog an enjoyable experience. Therefore, I’m going to need your help. Please provide feedback on what you’d like to see. You can post below or send me an at themorrisreport@gmail.com . Also, be sure and contact us via Twitter and Facebook. Most importantly, be sure to follow me on the right hand screen option. You’ll get all the up-to-date news about this blog and the most current of all the current events.

Thanks for stoping by.



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